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CORE Foundation was established to provide administrative services and organizational help for people who want to raise money for non-profits through projects and events large and small. Since its inception, CORE has helped people in the community raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for their most important causes.

Raise money for a good cause or for your favorite charity today by reaching out to CORE Foundation at info@corefoundation.org. We’re here to help you help your community.

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09. 24. 15

Ted Talks That Everyone Should Watch

09. 08. 15

Social Enterprise or Non Profit? The Answer Will Surprise You

Well, maybe it's not THE answer, but it's my answer.  Most people would agree that non-profits are social enterprises.  By definition, non profits are tax...

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09. 07. 15

The Impact of a Social Entrepreneurship

One of our founding organizations, the Reston Sprint Triathlon, benefits an organization named Cornerstones.  In fact, the Reston Sprint Triathlon has raised over $210,000 for...

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07. 28. 15

The Case For Putting Your Head Where Your Heart Is

"I’m not suggesting that anyone can just eradicate a disease. But when you combine compassion, generosity, evidence, and pragmatism, they can add up to remarkable...

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upcoming events

28 Jul

The 2016 Amy's Amigos Youth Triathlon

Athletes will swim in the heated Ridge Heights pool, bike near South Lakes High School, and run on Reston Association paths, finishing at the South
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28 Jul

The 2016 Reston Sprint Triathlon

This event is organized by the CORE Foundation in cooperation with Reston Association. The Course The race will begin at 11601 Lake Newport Road, Reston,
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