As mentioned in the 2020 Virtual RST Race FAQs, awards this year will be spirit based and judged by a panel of peers. Athletes will have the opportunity to share their stories, promote positivity and help keep the sport of triathlon thrive in Northern Virginia and across the country through social media. 2020 RST Spirit Awards will be granted based on the following six categories:

  • Most Creative “Why I Tri” Video
  • Spirit of RST Award
  • Most Enthusiastic Cheering Squad
  • Most Creative Athlete’s Choice (swim segment replacement)
  • Most Inspirational COVID-19 Training Story (Male)
  • Most Inspirational COVID-19 Training Story (Female)

Submit your entries on the Reston Sprint Triathlon Community private Facebook group


  • Most Creative “Why I Tri” Video: Just why do you tri? Inspire your peers with the reason you participate in triathlon. Whether this is your first tri or you are a seasoned triathlete, let us know what motivates you to participate in triathlon. Share your story with a short video.
  • Spirit of RST Award: At the core of RST is giving back to our community. Our sense of energy and support as a community differentiates RST and CORE Foundation races from other events because we are #StrongerTogether. Share how you or a fellow triathlete you wish to nominate takes the spirit of community to heart. Submit a photo (speaks a 1000 words), short video, or essay.
  • Most Enthusiastic Cheering Squad: Virtual or live – racing in a triathlon is not easy. What helps in a live race is the cheering of your friends and family as you count down the miles. Same for virtual! Invite your adoring fans to support you during your virtual race by staging on your route and encouraging your success. Ask them to record your approach while they applaud your accomplishment as you race by. Submit the video.
  • Most Creative Athlete’s Choice (swim segment replacement): Not able to do the 400 meter pool swim for your first segment? Want something different than Run-Bike-Run or Bike-Run-Bike? Choose a 10-minute aerobic exercise to replace the swim segment. That category is Athlete’s Choice-Bike-Run. Take a photo of your Athlete’s Choice in action. Submit the photo.
  • Most Inspirational COVID-19 Training Story (Male and Female): Let’s face it. Training for a triathlon this year has been tough at best! In the midst of these COVID crazy times, what did your training look like? Where did you find your motivation? Share your inspiration by submitting a photo, short video, or essay.


  • If you haven’t already, join the Reston Sprint Triathlon Community private Facebook group
  • Post your entries asap in the Facebook group and be sure to include the intended category name in the post.
  • Submit your entries by 10 am ET on Sunday, Aug 2nd.
  • Entries will be judged by a panel of peers.
  • Winners will be announced in the Facebook Live event Sunday, Aug 2nd, between 2 – 4 pm ET.