We use a four-phase process to support our organizations.



A member of our Executive Team meets with the organization to understand the idea or issue. Our legal and tax teams may also participate during this phase. This phase concludes with an internal decision as to whether an idea or issue falls within the mission of the foundation, and whether we should support it.


We use business principles to plan for the individual or organization’s success. This includes helping the organization develop a budget, put together a core group of people to lead the initiative, and create a schedule for the initiative. This phase ends with the decision to invest resources into the organization.


We support our organizations in a variety of ways as they begin work on their initiatives. We have vendor relationships, volunteer resources, marketing capabilities, and financial resources to help. A member of our executive team reviews submitted materials with internal and, at times, external resources and works with our organizations to refine their plans.


During the life of the organizations, the executive sponsor and organization work together and keep in close communication to understand progress and the challenges of ongoing work. Some of our organizations want to grow their contributions to the initiatives they support. Others are happy to do good work year in and year out under our umbrella. Sill others look to graduate from our support to become their own 501(c)(3). We support all of these goals. We maintain consistent communication and invite our organizations to share feedback early and often.

At the end of each year, the organization will work with a foundation executive to submit an annual report that summarizes the results achieved and lessons learned.