CORE Causes 2020

Our mission is to ignite and support charitable projects, our “CORE Causes,” which address societal needs, build community, and enable positive change. Hear from our CORE Cause Leaders about how CORE Foundation has enabled them.

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Y.E.S. Youth Coaching

Being a teenager is hard, but being the parent of one can be equally as difficult. As parents are learning to deal with their children’s changing bodies in addition to struggling through post-pandemic trauma because of isolation from society, school work at home, and fear mongering about COVID pandemic aftermath, it’s easy to lose hope. As our youth tries to make sense of the overwhelming mixed messages in their heads, they struggle making good and healthy decisions. One on one coaching is effective methods for these young people as it helps them create empowering actions that will benefit them long-term.

Youth Empowerment through Songwriting Coaching is one of the most effective ways to help young people, and is a new, innovative and creative way to empower young people between the ages of 13 and 17years of age. Combining the powers of youth work and songwriting: award-winning YMCA youth worker and award-winning musician uses songwriting and music to help youth discover their voice, step into their power, and understand, work through and overcome anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, trauma, stress and overwhelm.

As our youth struggles to make sense of the overwhelming mixed messages in their heads, and therefore struggles to make good, healthy and empowering decisions that will benefit them long-term. Through songwriting coaching, your child can transform negative self-talk and overwhelm into affirmative action while also being empowered through creativity.

Coddiwomple Careers

Coddiwomple: To travel purposely toward a vague destination. Through Coddiwomple Careers, we’re illuminating students’ paths on the journey to their careers, specifically careers in public health.

We believe in the power of education to change lives, and the power of public health to transform communities. Which is why we are passionate about helping students understand how they can impact the world by studying public health. We’re also driven to increase the diversity of public health professionals because we believe a more representative public heath workforce will lead to improved health outcomes around the world. Learn More…

Engage Food Pantry

After fifteen years of serving the community with the support of Redemption Food Pantry in Chester, Virginia, we are excited to share that we have launched our own 501(c)3 to allow further expansion of this program. NBC12 recently shared our good news story that we have outgrown our current location which has served 50,000 families. Your assistance is needed to help us secure a new home that can better service the needs of our community.

Please join us by making a monetary donation to kickstart our mission.

With our new location comes a new name – Engage Food Pantry – a fiscally sponsored 501(c)3 public charity under CORE Foundation Inc, EIN 20-5997764. Your donations are tax deductible.

Join our mailing list to receive our monthly newsletter and stay informed about upcoming volunteer opportunities. If you are able, please donate today. We appreciate your generosity. Every little bit counts. Learn More…

Change the World for Girls

Sophia began working with Wheels to Africa in the 2nd grade. She has grown into many roles since her early years including collecting bikes and repairing them, raising funds and awareness how poverty negatively affects young people. She is passionate about helping children and people in America and in Africa living in poverty. She helped increase Wheels to Africa’s reach by raising awareness of the nonprofit mission in her community of Vienna. Sophia has demonstrated initiative in fostering a partnership between WTA and the Girl Scouts of America. She designed her Gold Award “Books and Bikes for Africa’ to include sending bikes and books to Africa to address the lack of transportation and reading materials. Sophia has been awarded a seat on the Board of Directors for the Girl Scouts for her Books and Bikes project. She has created positive change by raising awareness about the many issues facing children in poverty and the challenges of education and infrastructure in third world countries. She has recently been awarded the Fairfax County Youth Leadership Award, for her inspiring volunteerism and service leadership. By focusing on a cause special to Sophia’s heart – helping people in need – Sophia has changed thousands of lives. And now, she has expanded her mission to Change the World for Girls. Learn more….

Friends of Three T Institute

Every individual goes through trial and tribulations. We may be at the height of our careers one day, and the next, we may be falling apart. As an avid volunteer to local communities, I have talked to those once executives working for multi-million dollar companies and now facing the need to be supported by a local shelter. I have talked to young women who were homeless from the age of 13. No matter who they are, everyone deserves a second chance, a helping hand to win in life.

That is why Friends of Three T Institute has partnered up with CORE Foundation and created an education fund for quarterly scholarship and educational support for those that deserve it the most. As two organizations coming together, our mission is ONE, to help others “be the change they want to see in the world.”

Reel II Real Experiences

Welcome to Real Experiences, a local non-profit with a mission to help children learn and grow through experiences they may not otherwise have the opportunity to have.  Our leadership team consists of Bianca Moskaitis, Herb Williams Baffoe and Ben Runyon.  Bianca has a vision to impact a community she has known her whole life living in the DMV.  She is a pillar in her community, a caring parent and spouse and let us not forget our CEO.  Herb, or Coach to many, is a recipient of a Best of Reston award which only gives you a glimpse into the impact he has had in his community.  Herb has a wealth of knowledge and stories from growing up all over the world, to his playing days in High School and the countless lives he’s positively changed.  Our Chief Financial Officer is Ben Runyon, who has spent most of his life working with youth and wanting to make a difference.

Friends of View of Lights

As Friends of View of Lights, we are helping our sister 501(c)3 to raise awareness and funding for their mission to provide solar panel kits and similar solutions to rural communities that do not have adequate access to electricity both locally in Everett, Massachusetts and in VOL’s home country of Liberia, West Africa. Your donation will help families put light into their homes and help school children study at night. We value your donation for helping communities shine. Learn more…

Therapeutic Builds

We are a team with an occupational and behavioral therapy trained background who run an all-inclusive woodworking and crafting service for all ages and abilities: typical youth, typical adults, special needs, mental needs, physical needs, and the elderly. Our mission is to heal, enable, and inspire all generations and abilities one build at a time. Our work here is summarized into three simple words: Wood, Therapy, Performance.

At this time, all proceeds will be raised to cover high-quality handmade woodworking project kits for specialized populations such as children with special needs, children hospitalized, and other individuals with various mental and/or physical deficits. These kits will be mailed out or dropped off to those in need.  learn more…

Essentials for Education

We work with local school counselors, social workers and parent liaisons to provide critical tools for education in Herndon and Reston. The often-overlooked needs which many of us take for granted, i.e. desks and headsets for distance learning.  When we see a need we work to quickly and efficiently meet that need by procuring the needed items then we mobilize our volunteers to deliver those items to enhance the educational experience and keep kids motivated to stay in school. Learn more


Woodworking with a Purpose

The mission of Woodworking with Purpose is to serve God and our community through gifting desks and other furniture to assist children and their families in order to build a better community.

Desks for Distance

D4D is a movement started by Woodgrove High School Junior, Colby Samide, who combined his love of woodworking with a passion to help his peers in need. With COVID-19 causing online learning from home, Colby became frustrated working from his own dining room table which motivated him to then build his own custom desk. Observing that many local students did not have resources to build their own desks, Colby so he took action. Within a month of launching his idea, 111 desks were built and distributed with more on the way. Colby was interviewed by local news outlets, Lester Holt, and Ellen. Learn more

Yuniverse Foundation

We use our creativity and connection with the community to help the youth develop their unique blend of talents in a positive way through events, camps, and projects. Our projects include: FCPS Digital Music Course, Repairing South Gate Community Center Outdoor Courts, Free enrollment for Kids at Summer Camp. There most recent program addresses the need for student mentoring and positivity during COVID-19. Get Involved: Have you ever wanted to be a part of something that could make a significant difference in your community? Read more

Helping Hungry Kinds of Northern Virginia

HHK was established in 2009 to provide weekend food bags to Reston elementary school children who often go hungry on weekends. This program was further expanded to provide in-school snack bars to those children often too hungry to focus on their school work. Each weekly bag contains non-perishable items including milk, oatmeal, fruit cups and other items sufficient to provide 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners and 2 snacks to each child. Additionally, HHK also provides over 50,000 snacks each school year. During COVID-19, HHK has provided 350 bags weekly to needy families.

Learn more…

Radford University SigEp Brothers By the Wayside

RU SigEp Brothers by the Wayside is an organization that supports those in need when facing life changing events due to an unforeseen illness or other tragic and unexpected events. This organization supports an extended family of men who all believe in the practice of virtue, diligence, and brotherly love. The organization hosts a variety of charitable events such as “A Radford Day of Service” which is an annual service project that includes clean up and construction projects conducted in memory of a fallen brother who passed too soon in life. Read more

The CK Fund

The CK Fund stands for Community Kindness.  This CORE Cause is focused on providing new opportunities, funding and programs to help young people and their families in the areas of school, sports and security. Through various fundraisers and youth programs The CK Fund targets specific needs in the community. The CK Fund is dedicated to helping young people in Northern Virginia through the mantra, “little by little, a little becomes a lot”. Learn more


Ultimate Teen Tool Kit

The Ultimate Teen Tool Kit (UTTK) is committed to the creation and distribution of tools for teens to manage stress, cultivate mental and emotional well-being and learn accessible tools to nourish the care of the whole self. Through two platforms, website and APP, we will offer free resources in the form of videos and audio recordings. This program grew out of Beloved Yoga’s Ultimate Teen Tool Kit series. We offered a 10 week series as part of Southgate Community Center Teen Leadership Camp and offer 4-6 week series programs at Beloved Yoga since 2018. We believe it is time to make the UTTK accessible directly to teens. Your tax deductible donation will help us provide free these resources to anyone who needs them. Learn more



Here at ChalkBox our mission is to supplement students’ needs by bringing back important aspects of normal schooling lost during this era of virtual learning. We targeted hands-on activities and experiences as a critical component of schooling for developing students and peer mentorship and career development for older students. Our program follows a very unique model that allows us to execute all program interactions in a safe and socially distant manner. Learn more…

Friends of Homes for the Missing Middle

Homes for the Missing Middle was founded by Susan Soffer, a retired architect, to address concerns that a rising number of middle-class Americans are finding that home ownership is unaffordable.  Our mission is to make a difference in quality of life for middle-income people of every age, gender, race, and class by making middle-income home ownership possible in the tri-state area (NJ, NY, CT).  Learn more

Swim Team Dads

With many miles riding our bikes, running the trails, or in the pool, we find further friendship in fitness.  We regularly have fitness or activity-based challenges in order to keep our bodies and minds in shape.  We plan to use these challenges to raise money for our chosen causes. We understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult and often times fails. Our focus is to not just change habits but to have fun and raise funds while participating, so that it continues to be a part of who we are and our community.  We strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy lifestyle. For more info visit their site here.

Friends of Fairfax Falcons

The Friends of Fairfax Falcons supports the Fairfax Falcons Paralympic Sports Team. This group provides a variety of adapted sports experiences to youth with physical disabilities in the Northern Virginia / DC metro area. Through adaptive sports, athletes improve physical fitness, communication skills, self-esteem, and build life-long friendships.

The Friends of Fairfax Falcons is dedicated to raising awareness of the program and identifying financial support to offset the high cost of participating in adaptive sports. The cost of a single basketball chair is over $2500. Our teams have to travel to play, often putting in over 1500 miles per year. We have over 50 families from across the DMV who have become a community supporting each other through our children’s medical needs and successes.

Reston Pride

Founded in 2018, Reston Pride is a local grassroots Northern Virginia 501(c)3 charitable organization that is focused on a truly inclusive Reston through engagement. We serve to provide quality cultural education and resources about LGBTQIA+ history and culture to the greater Reston community through a variety of family-friendly educational programs and events. Learn more…

Reston Sprint Triathlon

The Reston Sprint Triathlon is the largest triathlon in Virginia. The race hosts 1000 athletes annually and has raised over $380,000 for Cornerstones since the race was founded in 2007. Cornerstones is a nonprofit organization that promotes self-sufficiency by providing support and advocacy for those in need of food, shelter, affordable housing, quality childcare, and other human services. Learn more…

Amy’s Amigos: Youth Making A Difference

Amy’s Amigos Be AMYazing! Reston Youth Triathlon benefits the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation. Amy’s Amigos have raised over $75,000 for the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation since the race was founded in 2011. The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation is an all-volunteer organization founded by families, friends, and physicians of children with brain tumors. Their mission is to raise funds for pediatric scientific research, to heighten public awareness of this devastating disease, and to improve prognosis and quality of life for those that are affected. For more info visit their site here.

Friends of Lake Anne

Reston’s Lake Anne is a treasure, and the Friends of Lake Anne are passionate about ensuring it remains a vibrant community hub.
Lake Anne Village Center is the original village center of Reston, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. FOLA promotes education about the historical and architectural significance of the Lake Anne historic district’s public areas, as well as providing financial support for restoration and maintenance of the sculptural, fountain, landscape and architectural elements in the public Plaza. Learn more

Radford Rugby Alumni Association

Since its inception in the mid 1980’s, the Radford Men’s Club Rugby team has been an integral part of the university’s club sports program. Beyond sports performance, the Radford Men’s Club Rugby team focuses on developing well-rounded student leaders by promoting academic success and the importance of making a positive impact in the community.In order to continue its legacy of success, the Radford Men’s Club Rugby team strives to attract and retain promising student leaders. To assist with this effort, The Men’s Rugby Alumni Association at Radford University has established the Men’s Club Rugby Scholarship. The Men’s Club Rugby Scholarship will enhance the program’s ability to recruit, retain and reward student-athletes who will respectfully and proudly represent Radford University and make a positive impact in their communities.

Park West Families 4 Families

The leadership of this CORE Cause, Christopher Cook, President,and Jay Butterworth, Treasurer, is focused on their group’s mission of “Helping families in need in our community” of Mount Pleasant, SC. F4F also donates to other 501(c)3 public charities such as ALS Foundation. F4F hosts multiple “fun-raising” events throughout the year that involve community participation.