Virginia NU AVC  is an independent group of volunteers established to serve and benefit the alumni, volunteers and undergraduates of Radford University’s Sigma Phi Epsilon Chapter. The Fraternity’s Grand Chapter Bylaws call for the alumni of an undergraduate chapter to:

. . . to form an AVC to serve the alumni and volunteers of a given chapter, as well as to serve as a landlord for the undergraduate chapter and to provide advice and counsel to the undergraduate chapter.

Because undergraduate chapter membership turns over every four years, the AVC provides continuity by maintaining a long-term perspective. AVCs that focus on the following will ensure the long-term growth and success of the chapter: Mentoring undergraduatescultivating alumnimanaging assets, and maintaining corporate health. The AVC is responsible for maintaining the health of the group.

CORE Foundation’s RU SigEp Brothers by the Wayside is supporting this cause as it develops.  Your donations are helping the Virginia NU AVC and all of its efforts to support young men at Radford University that take pride in the values of Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love.