Some CORE Causes stay with us for years, while others use our expertise as a launch pad to become their own 501(c)3. We proudly support our CORE Cause Alumni!

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Hear from our CORE Cause Leaders about how CORE Foundation has enabled them.

Desks for Distance (D4D) was created by a high school junior, Colby Samide. He combined his love of woodworking with a passion to help his peers during the pandemic.

This private library for Northern Virginia’s LGBTQIA+ community became a CORE Cause in May 2022. Under the leadership of Leon van der Goetz, this project graduated to alumni status in one year by securing its own 501(c)3. NoVA Prism Center & Library was the 2022 CORE Cause Rookie of the Year.

Off The Charts Club developed the caring spirit of youth to aid and empower their peers battling cancer.

During the pandemic, Woodworking with a Purpose (WWP) gifted over 2,200 handmade desks to students building a better community one nail at a time. WWP gained nationwide recognition on Good Morning America, Fox News, and more.

Amys runners

Amy’s Amigos

Amy’s Amigos Be AMYazing! Reston Youth Triathlon raised over $150,000 for the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation over their 10-year stint.



The Chalkbox team provided S.T.E.M. workshops for youth run by youth. Each participant received a box of supplies containing fun and educational activities and materials.

CORE Young Leaders

In partnership with Leadership Fairfax, CORE co-led a program to develop future leaders. This team led a positivity campaign during the COVID-19 quarantine to lift the spirits of those in our community.

Essentials for Education

Essentials for Education

E4E provided critical support during the pandemic providing desks and headsets to students learning from home. They quickly mobilized resources that kept teachers and students motivated at home.

Friends of American Aid Inside Ukraine

Friends of American Aid Inside Ukraine

Friends of American Aid Inside Ukraine delivered humanitarian aid, including medical supplies, medicine, food, and protective gear for civilian aid workers and first responders to those in need deep inside Ukraine. They leveraged an on-the-ground network of small vans and courageous drivers and focused on smaller, safer, less-congested border regions via Romania and Slovakia.

Support Ukraine Friends of Czemu by Nie

Friends of Czemu by Nie

Friends of Czemu By Nie (FOCBN) assisted ongoing humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. FOCBN partnered with Czemu By Nie (CBN) in Poland, an association of social initiatives actively delivering relief supplies to and assisting refugees out of Ukraine.

Friends of Homes for the missing middle

Friends of Homes for the Missing Middle

Homes for the Missing Middle was founded by Susan Soffer, a retired architect, to address concerns over rising middle-class Americans who find home ownership unaffordable. Their mission is to make a difference in the quality of life for people of every age, gender, race, and class by making middle-income home ownership possible.

Friends of three T institute

Friends of Three T Institute

Friends of Three T Institute created an education fund for quarterly scholarships and educational support for those in need because all deserve a helping hand in life.

Luke Stann Eagle Scout Shoe Drive

“Footwear to Share” Eagle Scout Project

Luke and his troop collected hundreds of gently used athletic shoes to send to be recycled or used in developing countries. Luke helped the environment and CORE Foundation creating a win-win.


Goals Soccer Camp

Goals Soccer Camp was established by high school students who love the game and wanted to inspire the next generation of soccer players!

kids of reston 11Aug2018

Kids of Reston

Their mission is to give back so the next generation of kids in Reston, VA, have the same opportunities to live, learn, and play like we did.

Lake Anne Fishing

Lake Anne Fishing Club

The Lake Anne Fishing Club hosted wounded soldiers from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a day of fishing on Lake Anne in Reston, VA.


Lumerit Education

Lumerit teaches macro trends happening in higher education that can benefit corporations and all students.


Miles for Myels

Miles for Myels 5K and Fun Run raised funds and awareness for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation.

Park West Families 4 families

Park West Families 4 Families

The mission of Park West Familes 4 Familes was to help families in need in our community of West Park. They held fundraising events to build community. They also donated to other 501(c)3 public charities, such as ALS Foundation, that their supporter base was passionate about.

Core Foundation

Seniors Sheltering in Place

During the pandemic, CORE Foundation partnered with Cornerstones to provide bi-weekly grocery deliveries and a friendly smile to elderly residents at a high risk for COVID-19.

TBuilds alumni

Therapeutic Builds

Therapeutic Builds provided occupational and behavioral therapy crafting to heal, enable, and inspire all generations and abilities one build at a time.


Wounded Warriors Golf Classic

This golf event raised $100,000 for programs to support veterans and their families.

Yorktown Triathlon Club

Yorktown Triathlon

This multi-sport event raised funds for local charities in Yorktown, VA.