Yes Youth Coaching is unique approach to youth empowerment work. Our all-new method uses songwriting and singing as tools to help young people identify, understand, and overcome their struggles, overwhelm, and trauma.

Songwriting for Youth Development:

  • Helps students identify, understand, cognitively reframe, and ultimately overcome disempowering thoughts, feelings, ideas, and struggle points
  • Stimulates multiple areas of the brain to assist with behavior, emotional responses, and decision-making
  • Provides an emotionally and physically safe space with opportunities for effective communication, self-expression, and healing
  • Creatively encompasses multiple areas in the school system and prompts healthy brain stimulation, development, and memory.
  • Effectively reprograms social media algorithms that can ultimately impact teen mental health.

Coaching can happen either in person or online.

Yes Youth Coaching is a CORE Cause fiscally sponsored by the CORE Foundation EIN # 20-5997764. Donations are tax deductible to the furthest extent of the law.

Youth engagement through songwriting coaching