Reel II Real Experiences

Welcome to Real Experiences, a local non-profit with a mission to help children learn and grow through experiences they may not otherwise have the opportunity to have.  Our leadership team consists of Bianca Moskaitis, Herb Williams Baffoe and Ben Runyon.  Bianca has a vision to impact a community she has known her whole life living in the DMV.  She is a pillar in her community, a caring parent and spouse and let us not forget our CEO.  Herb, or Coach to many, is a recipient of a Best of Reston award which only gives you a glimpse into the impact he has had in his community.  Herb has a wealth of knowledge and stories from growing up all over the world, to his playing days in High School and the countless lives he’s positively changed.  Our Chief Financial Officer is Ben Runyon, who has spent most of his life working with youth and wanting to make a difference.