Many of our nation’s children do not have the opportunity to see the America they are part of. For underserved youth who live in the inner cities, when school lets out for the summer, their time is often spent on the streets without the opportunity for family vacations or summer camps.

Our program takes these kids on a retreat to our nation’s national parks, where they learn about the environment and geology of the land. We teach them about the importance of the wildlife that lives there and the need to keep these preserves as free and open spaces.

Under the supervision of camp counselors and park guides, our kids hike, canoe, fish, ride horses, swim, and enjoy other park-related recreational activities. They participate in games and competitions designed to bolster their self-esteem. Together, they sing around bonfires, grill meals outside, and sleep under the stars.

At the end of their journey, they have experienced a part of America they never knew. They understand that our national parks belong to them too. And they gain insights into the limitless possibilities life has to offer.

Our program follows up with these kids to ensure they continue to enroll in summer youth programs. We monitor their progress at school and offer resources to ensure they graduate and are on a path to college.

1 Young America

This program is about making the next generation the best they can be. If you are as passionate about enriching the lives of underserved youth as we are, become a friend to 1 Young America, a fiscally sponsored project of CORE Foundation Inc, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, EIN 20-5997764.