About FOLA

Eve Thompson founded FOLA in 2001 in order to raise funding for critical maintenance on Lake Anne Plaza—the place she works and lives. Today, FOLA is a vibrant organization focused on ensuring the Plaza remains the vibrant community gathering place Reston founder Bob Simmon envisioned.

If you are a FOLA market vendor, please register HERE.

FOLA is responsible for:

  • Providing and supporting programs for members and the general public to foster an appreciation of the historic significance of Lake Anne in the context of the “new town movement,” urban planning, and mid-twentieth century design and architecture.
  • Promoting the multicultural nature of the Plaza and its public spaces, which draw international visitors.
  • Encouraging the use of the public spaces of the Plaza by sponsoring concerts, festivals, craft fairs and other events for the public benefit.
  • Providing financial support for the restoration and maintenance of the public elements of the Plaza, including sculptures, benches, fountains, landscaping, docks, bricks and other fixtures in the open area utilized by the Reston community as a whole as well as national and international visitors.


We rely on donations from our generous supporters to help us fulfill our mission. Just click the donate button to help us help Lake Anne.