Be AMYazing! Amy’s Amigos Reston Youth Triathlon

Amy’s Amigos was founded in 2008 by a group of 12-year olds who offered friendship and support for classmate, Amy Boyle, who was battling brain cancer. After her death, Amy’s spirit, athleticism, and love of life motivated her friends to found Amy’s Amigos which launched the first local triathlon just for children in May 2011 in her honor.
Through the years that same group of friends, who are now about to graduate from college, expanded Amy’s Amigos to younger teens who continue with the spirit of Amy to this day. High school students still lead Amy’s Amigos with the assistance from many adult volunteers and supported by CORE Foundation. To date, Be AMYazing! Reston Youth Triathlon has raised over $100,000 for The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation to aid in research of pediatric brain tumors. This personal fundraising program was created to help raise even more funds and to grow Amy’s legacy demonstrating that a group of kids with a little help from their parents can make a difference.  Amy’s Amigos Be AMYazing! Reston Youth Triathlon is held each year on Mother’s Day. The 2018 race will be on May 13th. A limited number of spots are still available. Parents can register their youth athletes here.