Supporting Seniors Sheltering in Place

Since the first week of July 2020, the CORE Foundation and Cornerstones have collaborated on an initiative to provide support to local seniors who have faced additional challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative came about as a result of discussions between senior executives at CORE and Cornerstones looking to identify ways to provide additional assistance in the community during this crisis. Cornerstones identified its senior population of close to two dozen seniors throughout Reston and Herndon as a population who might benefit from some additional care and connection while quarantined as a result of the virus.

Every two weeks, a group of volunteers from Cornerstones and/or CORE make a delivery to approximately half a dozen seniors in the Reston/Herndon area which includes food, gift cards, and PPE, all provided by Cornerstones. The seniors have been very appreciative of this additional assist during a challenging time and are always happy to hear from our volunteers. More importantly, this initiative has ensured that this group stays safe and healthy during the ongoing crisis.

The community can help by making a donation to Cornerstones or during upcoming CORE events. For additional information, please contact

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CORE Foundation’s “CORE Kids Incubator” Youth Mentoring Program

We are thrilled to announce CORE Foundation has been selected by Leadership Fairfax’s Emerging Leaders as a partnering nonprofit to complete a youth mentoring community service project. We are calling this program CORE Kids Incubator, and it offers a tremendous leadership and entrepreneurial development opportunity for our youth grades 8-12.

CORE Kids Incubator will provide youth an opportunity to participate in a leadership experience marketing and executing a recycled shoe drive for CORE. The project is intended to build and develop project management, marketing, and business acumen skills, while providing an opportunity to learn from peers. Kids will experience firsthand the opportunity to make a positive impact in our community while being mentored by young professionals. The group will be directed by the Leadership Fairfax group, Team Ascent, and participants will be given the opportunity to present their leadership growth journey through at Leadership Fairfax. Kids of all skill sets are encouraged to apply to this college resume building opportunity.

The project will kick off with a planning meeting in January and will culminate with a shoe drive in April.  The time commitment will be 4-5 hours per month. Meetings will take place in Reston, VA and times will alternate between evenings and weekends and will be coordinated via Doodle.  We understand kids are very busy with other activities!

Applications are accepted now through December 20th, and all youth grades 8-12 are encouraged to apply.

Click here to apply

Questions? email to:

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2020 Reston Sprint Tri – Registration Opens Jan 8th at 7:30 pm EST

Registration for the 14th Annual Reston Sprint Triathlon will open on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 7:30 pm EST. The RST usually sells out within 24 hours. We are offering you the opportunity to have a guaranteed complimentary registration and other exclusive training perks while making your triathlon experience more meaningful with our FUNraising program, “RACE WITH PURPOSE” which entails raising money to help our community. To reward your good work, CORE Foundation will again this year provide the opportunity for the athlete fundraiser to RACE for FREE and receive other perks. You’ve asked for more training resources, and CORE has also included that into our 2020 RACE WITH PURPOSE package. Race date is Sunday, May 31st.
To participate, simply create your personal fundraising page HERE
We will follow up with a fundraising toolkit to help you achieve your goal.
Fundraise $500 and receive these perks:
  • Your $110 registration fee credited back OR a custom CORE tri jersey (new design for 2020)
  • Access to a closed Facebook group moderated by a USAT training coach and other industry professionals to offer training tips and training support
  • A V.I.P. Meetup plus meet and greet with USAT training coach and other industry professionals to answer your training questions in a small group
  • V.I.P. packet pick-up
Fundraise $1000 and receive a V.I.P. Experience:  
  • All of the perks from the $500 level
  • A custom RST tri top (Valued at $200)
  • Your story and fundraiser featured on social media
Fundraise $1500 and receive the ULTIMATE V.I.P Experience:
  • Perks from the $500 and $1000 levels
  • Complimentary ticket to the 2020 CORE Giving Gala
  • Invitation to the Giving Gala V.I.P. reception
Let’s light up the community together! For more information or questions, email
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CORE “Eat with Purpose” Campaign


With creative entrepreneurship and partnership with local businesses seeking a way to give back to their community and attract new customers, The Eat with Purpose Restaurant Card program was developed. This is no ordinary discount card. We aimed high to be different and offer a valuable Restaurant Card that offers $10 off a $20 spend.  This is more like a gift card than a discount card as it represents a 50% savings if you spend $20 on your meal. This is our first introduction of the program.

    • Currently offered in Chesterfield County Virginia
    • Card consists of six locally owned Midlothian, Virginia area restaurants
    • Six different food cuisines
    • Each restaurant has their own limited restrictions listed on the back of their individual key tag for clarity of the offer
    • This Year’s card is Valid thru 9/30/2020.
    • Sales can begin any time after September 30, 2019.

Please feel free to order your cards here and we will fulfill your order by mail. If you have any questions about the program please email our Director, Phil Vera at


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My dad is the reason why I TRI!

I’ll TRI to honor the memory of my late father who taught me I could do anything!

One of my most cherished memories growing up is of taking bike rides with my dad. I grew up in Reston, and on Saturday mornings my dad used to take me, my brother, and sister on long bike rides. We would ride through Reston along the tree-lined bike paths (sometimes stopping for ice-cream at Baskin Robins) and then back home again. These bike rides were our beloved Saturday morning tradition.

Another fond memory I have is my dad teaching my siblings and I to swim. My dad, who grew up near the water in Nigeria, learned to swim at an early age and he was shocked that my mother, who grew up in Ohio, had never learned. Determined to make sure his children would know how to swim, my mom claims that he taught us all in one day by taking us to the pool and having us jump in the deep end. I can’t recall if it happened quite like this, but I do know that once we learned how to swim, it was hard to get us out of the pool.

While my love of biking and swimming happened at an early age and accounts for some of my favorite memories with my dad, my love of running didn’t happen until almost 30 years later. I started running in 2010 as a way to deal with personal hardships that were hindering me from thinking clearly and being at peace. I loved the feeling of physical accomplishment and mental clarity I had after a long run and I got hooked on that feeling. After years of causal running, I decided to take on the challenge of a sprint triathlon.

After about four months of training, I completed my first RST on June 4, 2017 with my dad, mom and other family members all cheering me on. I remember the overwhelming sense of pride I felt for not only conquering this new goal but knowing that I had impressed my dad, who had been very athletic all his life, with an athletic accomplishment of my own!

In early 2018, as I was struggling to train consistently for my second RST, my dad was struggling through intensive chemo

treatments for his cancer. I was considering dropping out of the race due to my lack of preparation, but I remembered a conversation I’d had with him recently where he was lamenting his inability to do the physical activities he once enjoyed like bowling, cycling, and kayaking. So instead of quitting, I decided I was going to do the race in honor of him. Due to his illness, he couldn’t watch my 2018 race, but I swam, biked, and ran faster than I had the previous year. Despite the rainy conditions of 2018 and my insufficient training, racing to honor my dad fueled my performance.

On May 12, 2019 my dad lost his five-year battle with multiple myeloma. We will be celebrating his life and funeralizing him the weekend of the 2019 RST, so I will have to take this year off from racing. However, I am determined to come back stronger and faster than ever for the 2020 RST and race as a tribute to the wonderful man, athlete and encourager my father was. Because he taught me how to ride a bike, showed me how to swim, and told me I could do anything I put my mind to, my dad is the reason why I TRI!

CORE Foundation thanks Evelyn Momplaisir for sharing her inspirational story. Our hearts and prayers are with her this weekend as she and her family celebrate the life of her wonderful father. Peace be with you Dad!

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“Why I Tri” – Healthy Life Plan

My name is Michael McDuffie, and I’ve been on a journey to good health since 2009. After observing my relatives suffer with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and several other health-related issues, I was determined to end that cycle. I started by joining the gym at my job. I attended the boot-camp style classes, along with pilates, which helped to build my fitness foundation. Four years later, I would meet my now wife, who also had desire to end unhealthy habits. We enjoy taking walks, cycling, and hiking together. As we’ve grown in our understanding of a healthy lifestyle, we’ve experimented with different diets. We began with the Mediterranean diet, which we both loved!
Unfortunately, we were getting too much sodium, and my wife’s cholesterol began to climb (too much cheese and eggs). We then switched to a pescetarian plan, which is primarily seafood. Again, we encountered a high amount of sodium. My wife quickly learned that she was not interested in eating fish every day of the week. Finally, we were introduced to the vegan lifestyle through watching a documentary entitled: “What the Health,” on Netflix. That was in 2017…Labor Day weekend. I’m originally from Memphis, TN, and had recently made a 25 lb. beef brisket that weekend. So, needless to say, I almost shed a tear when we had to give the brisket (along with all of our other meats) away. But, I don’t regret it. After adopting the vegan lifestyle, my wife and I felt amazing! Our cholesterol dropped significantly, and after we learned what foods to eat, we were able to maintain clean, light energy.
With regards to physical activity, I was very inactive prior to 2009. I grew up with asthma, so I was unable to participate in sports. I would, however, ride my bike through the neighborhood. So, as I embraced this new “health nut” lifestyle, I purchased a bike. I was able to get back into enjoying God’s creation, while riding. To commemorate my transition to becoming a vegan, I completed my first century (100-mile) bike ride on Labor Day of last year. The ride was challenging, due to the hills and high temperatures, but it was well worth it! I think that’s when I got bit by “the endurance bug!” After the bike ride, I continued working with a physical trainer to build strength. Then, after I completed my training, I transitioned into preparing for the Reston Sprint Triathlon. I’m currently working with Endorphin Fitness, as I look forward to June 2nd!
My connection to the CORE Foundation is one of a “kindred spirit” and a passion for the homeless community. I’ve been blessed to serve this community for the past 29 years. As a twelve-year-old Boy Scout growing up in Memphis, I participated in a service project that would alter the trajectory of my life. The Scout Masters of Troop 520 coordinated this service project which gave us an opportunity to serve the homeless. We gathered our camping equipment, drove to downtown Memphis, and parked in an open, vacant parking lot. We unloaded our camping equipment and began to prepare breakfast. We saw homeless men lining up with their entire lives either on their backs or in shopping carts. These men were of various ethnicities, backgrounds, and religious positions. But what they had in common was that they were hungry. My fellow Boy Scouts and I served breakfast to these men and were rewarded with deep, warm smiles, along with extreme gratitude. Following the service project, I continued to seek to help those in the streets. I would save my allowance to give a few dollars to those in need. During many of my encounters with the homeless, they would share with me how they got to where they were. I soon learned that I had a gift for listening and empathizing with others. My passion and desire to help were only heightened by their stories.
As I got older and obtained a driver’s license, I would take Christmas dinner leftovers to these brothers and sisters in the streets. In addition, I was blessed to grow as a leader at my church, Mt. Zion Baptist Church. There, I served on the Evangelism team, then became the Assistant Director of Outreach, and the following year, the Director of Outreach. Currently, I lead the Friday Night Street Team at Metro Church (Alexandria, VA). We meet each month to prepare care packages, and then carpool into Washington, D.C. to serve the men and women in the streets. These experiences would prove invaluable towards the vision that God placed in my heart. The next season of my life, involves completing the RST, my MBA, and establishing a homeless transitional center.
Servant for Life,
Michael McDuffie
Love…by any means necessary.
Many thanks from CORE Foundation to Michael McDuffie for sharing his truly inspirational, “Why I Tri” story, and for the wonderful way gives back to the community. Best of luck to Michael and all of our participants in the 13th Annual Reston Sprint Triathlon.
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RST Athlete Discounts

Xterra Wetsuits make your swim faster and more comfortable and offers the highest performing triathlon wetsuit at a fantastic value. They also offer lava shorts great for swim training, googles, transition mats, and more. Our special code gives our athletes 60% off all XTERRA wetsuits and accessories. They also offer CORE Foundation points for every purchase which we use to offer incentives for fundraising and non-profit silent auctions.  Use code: C-COREFOUND 
Xterra Paddleboards – Get ready for summer on the lake and purchase your paddleboard at a killer deal of 55%.   Xterra generously gives a portion of your sale back to CORE Foundation. Use code: C-COREFOUND 
Running Warehouse offers athletic shoes, triathlon apparel, gear and much more from your favorite bands. Please refer to the code in the RST Facebook group to receive a generous discount.
Field Works Nutrition Company offers Primo Smoothie which is a protein rich, real-food based smoothie mix that contains superfood ingredients like antioxidants and curcumin from turmeric and many nutrients that are lacking in our modern diets. It’s a great tasting, convenient all-in-one protein smoothie that is perfect for a healthy breakfast on the go, pre-workout fueling, or post workout recovery. It is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of anyone that lives an active life, is looking for high-quality nutrition, and wants to steal back a few moments of their day without compromising their diet. RST athletes are able to take advantage of a special discount offered to CORE Foundation. Please use the following link to order
The Bike Lane offers RST discounts at selected meetups and events. Our next event is Bike Maintenance Check Day on April 28 from Noon to 4:00pm.
New Trail Cycling offers discount to athletes in the Reston Sprint Tri community.  Please email for more info.
Surf Reston is a partner of CORE Foundation. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement! Surf Reston is your go-to for paddle board lessons in the Reston area.   
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Why I Tri

I have a good friend, Kim Truitt that has been doing triathlons for quite a while. She would sign up to Tri and I would go along to watch and join the after party.  After watching her Tri a few times I had to get in on the fun.  My first Tri was the Reston Sprint 2009 or 2010. I downloaded the 12 week training program and started to prepare. I was well prepared and really enjoyed the Reston Sprint. Everyone that volunteers could not be more helpful or kind. I am not in the Tri to win, rather to finish. I enjoy being able to be around like minded people and the enthusiasm of the event. I will admit, I most enjoy riding my bike around Reston, not worrying about traffic or stopping for lights or cars. It is also fun to train for an event, there is a date and goal!

I guess I talked about the tri a fair amount, so my dad wanted to tri. When he did his first tri he was 72 years old. It was a sprint Tri. He came in 2nd in his age group and everyone applauded when he crossed the finish line. It was quite emotional. My kids came to watch him finish and ran with him over the finish line.  (There was only 2 people in his age group, we usually leave that out of the story)

My dad has had a few accidents and surgeries during his life and his leg is not what it could be. If you are looking for inspiration, he is it! He was hit by a car when he was 9 and one leg is shorter than the other. Then, when he was in his late 20’s he was in a motorcycle accident and had 13 surgeries to save his leg, one leg still shorter than the other, his foot does not hit the ground flat. He trains and Tri’s and never complains.
Last year, my Dad wanted to Tri again, so the whole family signed up. My friend Kim, daughter Ashley 23, my son Colin 20, myself, and my Dad 77 signed up. It was a rainy day and we all arrived early for registration – except  my dad. He was traveling from Southern Maryland and running late. He came in to the transition area with no time to spare. We rushed and got him set up just in the nick of time.
We did not swim, bike, or run at the same rate and all finished at different times. My dad was the last to finish of our group. It was such a thrill to stand at the finish line and cheer him on as he came in from the run! We all had a water and a slice of pizza, milled around discussing the race with other participants and snapped a few pictures. It is fun to watch younger racers congratulate him, as his age is written on his leg for all to see!
I guess he really enjoyed it because we are now signed up again for Reston Sprint Tri 2019!  He is in serious training mode and our phone conversations are usually around how his training is going!
The photo shared includes Colin, Ashley, Me, Dad, Kim
CORE Foundation thanks Nikki Ryan for her inspirational story. We wish her and Dad the best of luck in their training and look forward to cheering them on at the finish line on June 2nd. Won’t you join us and do the same?
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13th Annual Reston Sprint Tri – Did you miss registration?

As part of our “Race with Purpose” program we have 10 Charity slots available for RST as of March 2nd. Once a triathlete meets the predetermined fundraising goal, CORE Foundation grants FREE admission to this year’s 13th Annual Reston Sprint Triathlon AND guarantees a FREE entry for the 2020 RST. That’s TWO years of guaranteed FREE participation in RST (2019 & 2020 for the fundraiser. NO transfers.)

Fundraising is quite easy. We provide all of the tools you need to be successful. You also receive the opportunity to be a “Featured Triathlete” on our blog as part of the CORE Foundation “Race with Purpose” program. We find that once our athletes post their blog on their social media pages they meet their fundraising goals very quickly. As of today, there are 3 full months before the race. Why not tri?

To learn more about “Race with Purpose,” please view the two minute video above. Perhaps you’ll be featured in our next video!
Start your fundraising page here: Click on “Become a Fundraiser.” It takes just a few minutes to set up a page. Start NOW to be one of the 10 triathletes to earn a FREE coveted entry into this year’s SOLD OUT Reston Sprint Tri AND compete FREE in 2020, too! How great is that? The predetermined fundraising goal required to qualify is only $750.
If you have any questions, please email Taralyn is Executive Director, CORE Foundation. Proceeds from our Race with Purpose benefit CORE Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity that assists small organizations and social entrepreneurs to “be the change they want to see in the world.”
Are you a small organization or social entrepreneur that wants to Be the Change? Click here to receive more information about how to become a CORE Cause.
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