Radford University Sig Ep Brothers by the Wayside is an organization that supports those in need. We have an annual Day of Service Event and a wonderful reflection of our event last year  and its impact on the receiving family was written on our Redford University Alumni Magazine that I like to share.  Below is an excerpt:

On Arpil 2, 2016, Radford University Sigma Phi Epsilon alumni and current brothers converged on the Signorello farm in Leesburg to participate in a day of service in memory of John Signorello ’89.

“Only one guy from the current Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter at Radford University knew John, but that doesn’t matter. He was a brother,” said Devin Jones, current president of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Four years ago, Signorello passed away from a heart attack

In 2009, Signorello and his wife Carolyn purchased 280 acres of land for which they shared a vision. The couple saw it as their little slice of heaven and were excited for the opportunity to make it their own. Today, John’s four children, who share his passion for lacrosse, often play the sport in a small field on the family’s farm.

“It was always their dream to establish this beautiful farm where he could run lacrosse camps and grow his family,” said Scott Arthur ’91. “The unfortunate thing was that he passed before he could really see it come to life.”

The overall goal of the 2016 day of service was to address some of the immediate needs on the farm. “We basically had Carolyn make a ‘honey do’ list. A bunch of us came out and looked around to figure out what was possible to get done in a day,” said Arthur.

Radford University Sigma Phi Epsilon raised $7,000 to provide food for the volunteers, fund the project supplies and support the Radford University Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter and alumni in the Brother by the Wayside account. This account was created to come to people’s rescue whenever brothers are in need.

“We look out for our own,” said Arthur.

The commitment, love and brotherhood on the Signorello farm that Saturday was unforgettable. 

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 Our Day of Service event is coming up again in April 2017. 

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Amy’s Amigos: Reston Youth Triathlon Registration

Amy’s Amigos Youth Triathlon registration reminder!! January 18 @ 7:30pm

The event date is Sunday, May 14, 2017. Packet pickup is on Saturday, May 13, from 8:30am to 12:00pm.

Please note that the age group will be decided by the child’s age as of December 31, 2017. That means that a child who is 8 or 11 years old on race day, but turns 9 or 12 later this year will be in the 9-11 or 12-15 age group, respectively.

Remember, last year the event filled up in less than 24 hours, so register as soon as it opens.

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